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What Will This Course Cover?

It will cover all important Kotlin basics so you can jump right into Android development afterwards.

What Do I Have to Know Before Starting This Course?


What Will I Be Able to Do After Watching This Course?

  • Apply all Kotlin basics in console programs
  • Write your own simple functions and algorithms in Kotlin
  • Use the concepts of object orientation in Kotlin programs

Course Duration: ~6h

4.9 rating
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 26 reviews)
Very good8%

Give a roadmap of your courses

5.0 rating
27. September 2021

If you could give a roadmap for taking your individual courses in an order. Would be helpful to become a better programmer and understanding concepts beautifully

Yogesh Nagaraju

still the best

5.0 rating
13. September 2021

came back here to refresh after several months of using java haha

Dremo Baba

Easy-to-follow, beginner-friendly comprehensive at the same time!

5.0 rating
2. September 2021

Course is easy to follow and covers essential topics in Kotlin. Thank you so much!


Great introduction to more advanced topics on Kotlin

5.0 rating
5. July 2021

Great tutorial with examples and quiz. I’m not sure if it teach you all the Kotlin topics to Android development with Kotlin. It would be great to have a github repository with all the examples that are teached. Congratulations

Luis Barqueira

This course is might be a little hard for a new by.

5.0 rating
5. July 2021

If you have a previous background – all fine. But if no, there are many details and words which you need to learn.
Be attentive to details. The author told a lot of interesting detalization. But regret all details in short.