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What Will You Learn in This Course?

In this course you will make an app that tracks your run in the background. It will use the Google Maps SDK, MVVM Architecture, Dagger-Hilt, Navigation Components, Coroutines and a Room database. By working on real projects, you learn so much more than just randomly learning theory stuff.

What Do You Have to Know Before Starting This Course?

What Will You Be Able to Do After Watching This Course?

  • Use the Google Maps SDK in your own app to track the user's location
  • Work on medium sized projects on your own
  • Implement the MVVM architecture in your own app
  • Use the Dagger-Hilt library for dependency injection
  • Use the Navigation Components library to setup navigation in your app
  • Use the Google Maps SDK in your own app to track the user's location
  • Displaying data in graphs using the MPAndroidChart library
  • Sorting data in a RecyclerView that comes from a database
  • Implement a fully working foreground service that delivers the fragment with data on a consistent basis

Course Content

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Setting up the Room Database
Dagger-Hilt Setup
Setting up Navigation
Location Tracking
Tracking Service
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4.6 rating
4.6 out of 5 stars (based on 5 reviews)
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Nice course

5.0 rating
22. June 2021

Nice course


Needs update

3.0 rating
17. February 2021

Phillip I absolutely love your stuff but this project is so outdated it really needs to be fixed up or pulled out. All the dependencies and annotations for dagger-hilt are old and it is hard to try to get this thing to work for those who aren’t experienced with dagger. Thanks for all you do!

Logan Patterson

More helpful

5.0 rating
23. October 2020

This is more helpful to learn many basic concepts such as BottomNavigationView, Local database, Fragments, Location service, Google Map, Dialog, Viewmodels, and especially the Dagger-Hilt setup with more details.

Parth Patel


5.0 rating
23. October 2020

Your course really help me to do my project at my college and help me to understand how mvvm works

Muhammad Fauzan Ramadhan

Loved it❤

5.0 rating
19. October 2020

A large one but Probably recommended for better app performance and reduce boilerplate code.

Farees Hussain