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Awesome Tutor and awesome project

Well made course and every € worth, like any other of his courses.

Cool and clean coding style and a lot of content to learn in a short amount of time.

Really a huge load of new new input which can be often be re-used and helps to create a great and smooth app.

Not overloaded in well-known things, focused to learn new stuff and not repeating same old things again and again to blow up the time.

The steps of coroutines are often repeated, but in this case its useful to keep it in mind.



Never knew setting up a Ktor server was this easy

I was always interested in building a ktor server since I love kotlin and I use that for android development. Watched all the Jetbrains conferences on Ktor and It was always a little overwhelming but after watching this course, I am so confident to build my own server and write complex logics on the cloud with Kotlin.


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