Refund Policy Mobile Freelance Academy

  • Eligibility for Refund: The refund policy (“Policy”) of Philipp Lackner (“Business”) is applicable to any participant (“Participant”) who has enrolled in and paid for a subscription to the “Mobile Freelance Academy” course offerings. A Participant is eligible for a full refund of their annual subscription fee under this Policy if they do not find a client to work with after 273 days of daily client outreach, starting 90 days after their enrollment in the “Mobile Freelance Academy”, subject to the conditions set forth below.

Conditions for Refund: To qualify for a refund under this Policy, the Participant must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. The Participant must utilize the freelance platform Upwork as their initial avenue for client acquisition. Please note that to meet this condition, Participants may need to incur expenditure on Upwork.
  2. Beginning 90 days after their enrollment date, the Participant must approach at least one client each day for a period of 273 consecutive days. This is not an average; the Participant must approach a client daily during this period. This client can be sourced from any platform where the Participant offers paid IT services, and is not restricted to Upwork.
  3. In the event that the Participant wishes to claim a refund under this Policy, they must send an email to with the following information:
    • Evidence demonstrating that the Participant has fulfilled the conditions set out in this Policy. This should include screenshots from Upwork showing a proposal sent to a client, with the date clearly visible, for ten sample days. The specific dates for these sample days will be specified by the Business upon receipt of the refund request.
    • A link to the Participant’s Upwork profile.
  • Refund Process: Upon receipt of the refund request and the required evidence, the Business will review the request. If the Business determines that the Participant has met all the conditions of this Policy, a full refund of the Participant’s annual subscription fee will be processed.
  • Limitations: This Policy only applies to Participants who have strictly followed the strategies and instructions provided by the Business in the “Mobile Freelance Academy”. The Business reserves the right to reject any refund request that does not comply with the conditions of this Policy.


Refund Policy for Online Courses

  1. Voluntary 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: For online courses sold by the Business, a voluntary 30-day money back guarantee is offered. If a customer is not satisfied with the course, they may request a full refund within 30 days of purchase.
  2. Conditions for Refund: In the event of suspected fraudulent activity, the Business reserves the right to refuse a refund, even within the voluntary 30-day window after purchase.
  3. Limitations: This 30-day money back guarantee is only applicable for one-off purchases of online courses and does not apply to subscription-based products, including the “Mobile Freelance Academy”.