The Future of this Website

Written by philipplackner

14. April 2021

When I launched this website, I had a lot of ideas in my head what I could implement. Some of these ideas were Code Coins, Rank Score, the leaderboard and that I have all my YouTube courses here as well. While all of that were good ideas, over time it turned out that these don’t often work together that well using WordPress. With every WordPress or plugin update I am afraid of breaking something at this website.

Therefore, I decided that this website will in future just be a platform where I can host my premium courses to just take away some complexity and provide you a more stable experience here. That means that you won’t find my YouTube playlists here anymore and you won’t be able to earn Code Coins or Rank Score. Also the payment flow for my premium courses will change since I will most likely go to an external payment provider. This won’t change anything for you, but makes things easier for me (in terms of taxes).

I haven’t decided yet, when I will make that change, but I can already say that you will be able to earn and pay with Code Coins until May 3rd 2021. In case you just miss a small amount of Code Coins to buy one of my courses, but can’t earn anymore, please leave me a message on Instagram or via E-Mail and we will find a solution.

Thanks for your understanding,



  1. Akkii69

    This is not a wise decision, Philip. Due to the ranking and coin system, I am visiting this website regularly. I feel motivated when I climb the leaderboard among other learners.

  2. paul77uk

    That would be shame, I really like the quizes. They won’t be part of the course if they are just youtube videos will they?

  3. paul77uk

    An idea for you, maybe to convert all your courses into one big course and sell it on Udemy, you could still add quizes then also. I don’t know how well you courses sell, but courses may sell better on Udemy, and you content is amazing, you could still keep your free content on youtube and put a link to the full course. A few do that, they give some of the course free on youtube and then the rest they link to on Udemy. Just a thought, I really think your content would sell well if you keep it unpdated.

  4. paul77uk

    I really like this website and what you have done

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